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WOW been a while [51208 - 12:23am]
I met the Backstreet Boys today :D
I'm pure proud to say that lmao!

Met Simple Plan again a few weeks ago.. yeaahh babyy;)

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It's been a long time:O [12208 - 5:40pm]
[ mood | cold ]

HAHA, actually been a year since I've been on this.
SOOO much has changed. I've changed, ha.

Went to Birmingham at the weekend to see my bitch :D EMMAAAAAAAAA
Don't even think I knew her the last time I was on this haha
THAT'S MENTALLLLLL! 'cos she's like my best friend now;) muahaha

She said I've to post one of these & say how amazing she is & stuff,
well I'm sorry Emma that's just something I can't do.. my mum always taught me not to tell lies ;) lmaooo
kiddin on bithh

She is amazing
'you're the only person who gets me'
Lmaoo too true bitchh cos we're both dead cleverr:)

Yes. I won't say any more or I'll start crying lmfao


P.S; I love you ;)


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